Ad hoc is the revolutionary prefabricated drainage system with integrated shower cabin, designed to create a floor level or raised shower area.
Ad hoc can be covered with any type of material, providing an easy, sure, rapid solution for drainage at floor level. Its innovative design is its strong point ano its watertight stainless steel tray, with intrinsic slope, can be directly Fitted with no need for waterproofing. .
The shower cabin, which is made to measure based on the tray, is easily installed on the tray without using silicon. Entirely made by rare, ad hoc can be fitted without all the work required when installing traditionaldrainage systems. (patented system).


Ad Hoc is realized with a watertight reservoir of stainless steel and designed for being coated with any material: stone, tile, resin, ect… Since you can place it on or over floor level, you have the guaranty of a total integration into your bathroom. The reservoir can reach a dimension of 144x294 cm, it is always bespoke to the millimeter and it is available in different shapes.


The coated reservoir is completed by bespoke shower cabinet, placed inside the basin without the use of silicon.Thanks to an ingenious system of communicating channels , the water is always drained to the trap of the shower . The line Elite provides numberless models: sliding or wing door, open space.


Flat is the innovative recessed wall profile. It composed by an aluminum profile integrated with rare microadjust system, allows you to easily adjust the shower cabinet. result no profile view : the glass born directly from the wall.


RARE offers an exclusive line of shower heads in stainless steel. In its most refined version, the shower head is a striking structural element in addition to the glass wall.

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