Prefabricated drainage system!

The most important element of Ad Hoc System; the shower tray, made entirely of RARE, allow you to obtain a draining floor in just a few minutes by installing a watertight stainless steel basin.
Installation only requires a plumber who can dry lay it in minutes, and hand over this ready to be covered solution to a tiler.


Easy: No on-site work!

Convenient: dry laid without on-site work: certainty of time and installation costs
Easy to handle: it weighs only 12 kilos per square meter
Adaptable: predisposed for installation flush with or off the floor, it requires only 85 mm of screed for the total removal of architectural barriers


UP TO 1.5x3 Meters in variety of shape.

Adaptable: made with a stainless steel basin, open to endless architectural solutions, size can be up to 1.5 x 3 meters and in a variety of shapes
Versatile: the drain can be positioned in any point within the perimeter of the basin for a fast outflow even at high water flow rates. It is possible to install multiple drains simultaneously
Customizable: the grate that covers the shower drain is always custom made for the basin, eliminating unattractive cuts of tile necessary to adapt the traditional drain loglines to the shower area


Dry laying without sreed

Easy: installation only requires a plumber who can dry lay it in minutes, and hand over this ready to be covered solution to a tiler
Sound absorbing: soundproofed according to parameters established by the normative DIN 4109/VDI4100


Watertight withour waterproofing

Guaranteed: eventual seepage of water between the joints of the overlay are collected in the stainless steel basin and drawn off towards the drain


Adattable to anylay fast installation without cuts the cover

Adaptable: ready-made to be overlaid with any type of material (tiles, mosaic, marble, resin, etc.) it creates a shower area that is perfectly integrated with the bathroom floor
Sure: it presents a unique factory made slope at floor level: outflow guaranteed without any cuts to the tiles
Ingenious: the continuity of seams between the shower overlay and the rest of the bath is obtained through ingenious support profiles present in the basin. Prepared for the thickness of the chosen overlay, they make it possible not to perform complex cuts nor to waterproof


Without silicon.
Without taking measurement.

Complete: the plate glass is placed inside the basin without the use of silicon
Certain: the shower boxes are custom-made to the size of the basin with no need of further measurements at the work site once tiled.

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