CS marked shower stalls in compliance with "EN 14428"

The primary objective of RARE has always been safety.
The "CE" marking ensures the final customer that RARE products meet the quality standards and safety requirements established by the European Union, as prescribed by EN 14428.
The shower stalls are subject to rigorous testing:
a) cleanability;
b) water tightness;
c) impact resistance;
d) corrosion resistance;
e) resistance to opening and closing cycles;
f) resistance to chemical agents.


The Rare Project is based on four fundametal factors: design, quality of the components, functionality andthe users safety.
The products are thought up and projected by our technical office, taking advantage of the consultancy of the best architects.


Assembly of the components caried out with modern works centres without help of silicon, allows one to obtain a product that is easily cleaned and unchainging over a long period of time.


RARE have created the exlusive RAREsafety system that allows screen doors to be opened both internally and externally from shower dish with a 6 shock resisting spring look.


The materials used are the best: structures is reversible in aluminium, with a magnetic locking system, alloy aluminium joint crashproof in heat and hight resistent ball bearings.


New fixing and adjusting system “Single Frame”. A single profil allows to fixing and adjusting of the shower enclosure without compromising its aesthetic.

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