Contemporary bath is no longer a purely functional space. It has evolved into the well-being and beauty project which creates the sublime expression of our habits, trends, preferences and ethusiasm for the absolute and wholesome experience.
RARE offers “Wellnesss: the integrated system of shower cabinet and tray, covered with solid iroko wood footboard. Thus, versatile and essential designs are being created, all absolutely coordinated with your bath space. As the result, they bring about the sense of utter harmony.


The core of “wellness” is the shower basin. RARE, thanks to its superior technucal engineering years of experience manufactures its product in steel.
As material, steel is unique as to its inna- te flexibility of architectural design possibilities, as well as structure. these very attributes bring it to life. It maintains any shape and size while providing all necessary guarantees, practical and safety measures..


The coated reservoir is completed by bespoke shower cabinet, placed inside the basin without the use of silicon.Thanks to an ingenious system of communicating channels , the water is always drained to the trap of the shower.
The line Elite provides numberless models: sliding or wing door, open space.


Flat is the innovative recessed wall profile. it composed by an aluminum profile integrated with rare microadjust system, allows you to easily adjust the shower cabinet. result no profile view: the glass “born2 directlyfrom the wall.


Water is being supplied throughout the revolutionary water distribuition crate finished with exellent solid wood. This approach renders wood to be an integral, absolutely unique, and complementary part of the décor.


The shower area designed and fashioned in such manner may be subsequently completely personalized. As suggested addition to your decor we would like to recommend diverse types of benches, stools, consoles, and shelves; all manufactured by our renowned craftsmen in glass or solid wood, without us e of any adhesives.

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