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Three view house

Turin, Italy 2017

Architect PlaC - Plateau Collaboratif / Hyemin Ro

A nineteen sixties apartment renovation on the foothills of Turin.

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The living and the sleeping areas have been inverted to afford best access to the panoramic views of the city of Turin. The spaces have been redistributed in such a way as to ensure three external views from the entrance to the house.

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Focus On

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The space is designed to flow, with full-height interior doors that provide the continuity of the ceilings, and resin flooring throughout the apartment, except for the original Palladian entrance and the grit tiles in the bedroom.

Ad Hoc bases with pre-shaped EPS supports house the drain and drain-pipes, so that the tray can be dry installed in just a few minutes.

The RARE System used has the following configuration:

Shape: rectangular
Size: 123X257 cm
Drain position: short side
Lining thickness: 4 mm resin
Floor thickness: 4 mm
Shower cabinet:
hinged, silicone-free installation