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Oche Selvatiche

Grado, Italy 2009

Architect Tavano / Paoloni

Eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable Boutique Hotel, in an enchanting setting in the Val Cavanata wildlife oasis and the Isonzo river mouth area.

RARE System for the shower areas of the seven charming suites. The shower tray disappears into the resin of the flooring, while the minimalist shower cabinet gives way to the wallpaper of the coverings. The whole harmoniously fits in with room’s furnishings of the room, in a visual flow that enriches the stylish room space.

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Focus On

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The Ad Hoc bases, with integrated slopes aremade with highly compression resistant materials, provide the ideal surfaces for resin coatings.

The RARE System used has the following configuration:

Shape: rectangular
Size: 100X182 cm
Drain position: long side
Floorthickness: 4 mm resin
Liningthickness: 1 mm wallpaper
Shower cabinet: sliding/hinged, installed without silicone