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Overlooking the sea

Cap Ferrat, Costa Azzurra 2018

Architect STUDIO TE

A complete and sensitive renovation of a nineteen sixties building, now a contemporary work where architecture and indigenous nature live together in complete in harmony.

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On a promontory, with a Mediterranean garden on the sea, the whole project brings man and nature ideally together.
There is ample space both for the native vegetation and high-tech, high-efficiency systems.

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Focus On

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Rare Cap Ferrat Detail 01

With the RARE System, drainage can be at either side of the basin. The drain grid is made to measure and covers the chosen side along its whole length. It is at all points adjacent to the vertical lining to complete a clean minimalist tray design with no counter-slopes or tile cuts at the side of the grid.

The RARE System used has the following configuration:

Shape: rectangular
Size: 98X283 cm
Drain Position: long side
Lining thickness: marble 20 mm
Floor thickness: marble 20 mm
Shower cabinet: Open, silicone-free installation