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Seven Suite

Merano, Italy 2017

Architect Ganter Interior GmbH

A boutique hotel under the porticos of Merano. Seven elegant suites, each to its own unique design.

Within the city’s medieval walls for a harmonious union of urban style and historic charm. The facility imposes a different layout for each space. Thanks to the RARE System the shower areas develop from functional spaces to wellness areas equipped with chromotherapy and Turkish baths.

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Focus On

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RARE web reference sevensuite V1

The Ad Hoc bases make use of materials (Eps and Polyurethane supports) that waterproof and insulate the shower area against rising damp, as well as making it sound-proof.

The RARE System used has the following configuration:

Shape: rectangular
Size: 97X222 cm
Drain position: long side
Lining thickness: grès 10 mm
Floor thickness: grès 10 mm
Shower cabinet:
shower cabinet: sliding/open space, installed without silicone