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Como, Lombardy 2016

Architect M. Bernasconi

The Hotel Terminus was born of the complete restructuring of an early 19th-century palazzo, whose Liberty style and tasteful elegance, typical of the Lombard aristocracy, has been artfully preserved.

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In addition to revitalising the architectural splendour of the historic edifice, the restoration has radically reconfigured its infrastructure and service facilities in order to ensure maximum comfort and convenience for our guests. The marble bathrooms, made with RARE System, reveal the subtle elegance of refined residences, the attention to detail is not left to chance.

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The Ad Hoc shower tray can be covered with any type of material: marble, resin, tile, stone, mosaic, etc.

The RARE System used has the following configuration:

Shape: pentagonal
Size: 98X147 cm
Drain Position: short side
Lining thickness: marble 20 mm
Floor thickness: marble 20 mm