Rare About N1

Since 1968

RARE was founded on the basis of four fundamental elements: design, quality of components, functionality and safety for the end user.

RARE, the company

As over the years the bathroom became more a wellness space so RARE proposal has developed: always attentive to trends and sensitive to the world of visual arts. Inspired by the art world RARE designed Evento Scrittura, the first shower enclosures that combines art and technology. Then came Steel, a project wellness oriented in which each component of this integrated system – from the shower tray, to the shower enclosure and the shower head – is coordinated with solid iroko wood to create a unique showering experience. Last but not least is Ad Hoc the result of RARE most recent challenge: an integrated system to create a floor level shower areas that can be covered with any material.

RARE products showcase a long story of a company that aims at the architectural definition of the most intimate interiors, with an offer in continuous expansion and in constant stylistic evolution.

Rare About N2

ISO 9001

RARE’s ISO 9001 certification indicates its commitment to the rules and guidelines of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) so as to have an organisation capable of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of its products and services, in order to obtain and consolidate customer satisfaction.

CE 1090-1

CEsteel products marked according to "EN 1090-1" with the CE marking on RARE steel shower trays assures the customer that the welding has been carried out in a way that meets the EN 1090-1 standard.

CE EN 14428

EC-marked shower cabinets, in accordance with “EN 14428" have always been a prime objective for the Rare safety policy. The "CE" mark assures the customer that RARE products meet the EU quality and safety standards as set forth in the EN 14428 standard. The shower cabinets are rigorously tested for a) cleanability, b) watertightness, c) impact resistance, d) corrosion resistance, e) resistance to opening and closing cycles and f) resistance to chemical agents.