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STEEL by RARE is a prestigious shower system that unites stainless steel design and the warmth of wood. The essential advantage is the greatly flexible modularity of the project. The great range of sizes are able to meet all practical and aesthetic needs. The integrated shower cabinet is made for silicone-free installation.

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The tray consists of eight pre-assembled parts. The stainless steel base accepts fine solid wood slats, while the RARE shower cabin can be installed within this without the use of silicone.


PREFABRICATED / made by RARE. A single section for dry installation in a few minutes by a single technician


CUSTOM MADE / the shape, dimensions and look are adapted to each individual project.


INTEGRATED / RARE shower cabinets are installed in the base without the use of silicone.


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Component 01

Shower Trays

The focus of the project is the waterproof basin. Available in two versions: Ad Hoc and Steel.

Component 02

Shower Screens

Designed to stand within the shower tray with silicone-free fitting. Clean lines for corner, niche, three sided and open arrangements.

RARE DE Profilo COVER 900 X1200


Parts for the installation and adjustment of shower cabins, for easy installation and sophisticated look. Single frame to secure to the facing and Flat for recessed installation.