Rare Web Profili Flat


Innovative recessed profile for shower cabins. The crystals born from the walls without antiestetic vertical profiles.


A single profile equipped with anchorage anchors is layed inside the walls. The crystals are inserted in the profile and set through the special adjustment system, without the use of silicone.

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Component 01

Shower Trays

The focus of the project is the waterproof basin. Available in two versions: Ad Hoc and Steel.

Component 02

Shower Screens

Designed to stand within the shower tray with silicone-free fitting. Clean lines for corner, niche, three sided and open arrangements.

Component 03


Parts for the installation and adjustment of shower cabins, for easy installation and sophisticated look. Single frame to secure to the facing and Flat for recessed installation.

Component 04

Shower Heads

Terra Marique is the premier line in solid wood showerheads, designed by Mihran Rovelli Manoukian.