A process that unfolded over many months, involving three stages of checks, first on documents and then on site, has produced the desired result of our obtaining certification of the sustainability of the company's production processes in the Made in Italy bathroom furniture sector.

– The EPD is a voluntary certified declaration, which provides specific data on the environmental impact of the product, according to the international standard ISO 14025 and EN 15804.

As part of an initiative developed by the Assobagno Shower Cabin Group, RARE has voluntarily put itself forward for EPD certification, aware of the topicality and undeniable importance of the issue of the environmental impact of industry. The aim has always been to assure relevant, verified and comparable information and to share the values of sustainability with designers who choose to work with RARE.

In the case of shower systems production, the fundamental criteria are the processes employed in the manufacturing and assembly stages, as well as the procedures and practices involved in packaging and disposal, rewarding companies capable of achieving reduced environmental impact.


With this in view, RARE has long been tweaking the elements of its system with continuous research and a constant striving for all-round product improvement. The binding primer, a water-based bituminous elastomer layer that can be coated with cement mortar, enables the use of synthetic glues and materials such as polyurethane to be reduced to a minimum during production. RARE is also proud of the fact that its assembly process is entirely silicone free.


In the minimalist and sophisticated shower system patented by RARE, every detail is imperceptible and essential, to continue the translation of sleek architectural design into reality in a sustainable manner.