RARE & Kerakoll. Tried and tested collaboration.

Materials and surface tones play a fundamental role in the perception of and the atmosphere of a room. Aesthetics, on the one hand, and the technical performance of materials on the other, drive the choices of the designers.

– The combination of RARE and Kerakoll solutions make for the ideal situation for the firing of inspiration.

With its patented Ad Hoc system, RARE combines the ease of installation of a shower tray with the aesthetics of a cladded flat-floor shower. The shower area becomes an integral and integrated part, by means of the wide range of claddings, of the bathroom area in which it is located. The stylistic narrative sees the horizontal and vertical planes blend one into the other in a seamless unique surface.

Like RARE, Kerakoll designs to highlight the fundamental role of the finish. The Ad Hoc shower system, designed to take any thickness of material, is the perfect partner for working in synergy with the Kerakoll collections.


The broad range of products, from installation primers to waterproofing materials, and resins to ceramics and natural stone, is ever innovative, and often slim in form, down to widths of just 3 millimetres, designed to clad floors, walls, washbasins and shower trays. These possess all the requisites for the transformation of an everyday moment into something with a touch of the unexpected, something that simultaneously enshrines the day-to-day and the essential.