RARE DE Profilo COVER 1500 X2000


RARE designs its own cabinets in ways that combine easy installation with a refined aesthetic.

Discover RARE profiles

The profiles of RARE shower cabinets provide securing and adjustment that combines ease of installation with a refined aesthetic. There are two available versions: "Single Frame" for affixing to linings and "Flat" for concealed installation.

Rare Web Profili Singleframe P

Single Frame

A single profile houses the glass in silicon-free installation. Any non-standard walls are fitted with an appropriate adjustment system that in no way alters the appearance of the shower cabinet.

RARE DE Profilo COVERFLAT 1500 X2000


Recessed profile for shower cabinets, the glass appears out of the wall! A single profile provided with anchor brackets is inserted within the wall. The glass is installed and adjusted by an innovative adjustment system.