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Casa dei Conti

Fontana Fredda, Piemonte 2015

Architect ACC Naturale Architettura / Cristiana Catino – PlaC / Plateau Collaboratif

Multiple-lodging hotel in the Langhe region. Designed to bring new life to the traditional residence of the families of winemakers.

The 14 rooms are diversely laid out to adapt to the existing building. Each bathroom has a flush-to-floor shower that is unique in size and finish. Only 20 days past from initial survey to the installation of the RARE System.

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Focus On

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Custom-prepared bases with pre-shaped EPS supports house the drain and drain-pipes so that the tray can be dry installed in just a few minutes.

The RARE System used has the following configuration:

Shape: rectangular
Size: 96X163 cm
Drain position: long side
Lining thickness: 10 mm
Floor thickness: 10 mm
Shower cabinet:
sliding/hinged, silicone-free installation