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Classic yet modern

Como, Italy 2019

Architect Piero Carlo Noè

Guests who stay today at the Palace Hotel feel the presence of twin souls engaged in a dialogue between the past of the nineteenth century and a present that looks to the future.

An imposing and prestigious building that opens onto the lake as embodiment of the Belle Époque’s style and luxury, assuring guests comfort that is fully in keeping with that expected of the great hotels of Como.

Built in 1898 it then bore the name Grand Hotel Plinius. After seeing two world wars, and after periods of closure, renovation, and changes of ownership, it is now known as the Palace Hotel. A new residential wing has been added in the form of an annex in modern style overlooking the lake, the Pianella, and the Congress Centre.

Since 2005 the hotel has been run by the highly regarded Villa d'Este group, now a point of reference for a city like Como that has been slowly reinventing itself, as it opens up more and more to tourism.

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Focus On

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RARE Palace BA01 M

Each bathroom has been designed with a floor-level shower unique in size and shape. RARESystem, always builds bespoke units by size and shape, adapting to every project requirement.

Configuration: RARE System:

Shape: rectangular
Size: 78X264 cm
Drain position: long side
Facing thickness: 6 mm porcelain stoneware
Flooring thickness: 6 mm porcelain stoneware
Shower cabinet: Open, silicone-free installation

RARE Palace BA02 M
RARE Palace BA02 B

Per ogni stanza da bagno è stata realizzata una doccia a filo pavimento unica per dimensione e forma. RARESystem, realizzato sempre su misura per forma e dimensione, si adatta ad ogni specifica esigenza progettuale.

Configurazione RARE System:

Forma: rettangolare
Dimensione: 78X264 cm
Posizione Scarico: lato lungo
Spessore rivestimento: gress porcellanato 6 mm
Spessore pavimento: gress porcellanato 6 mm
Cabina doccia: Open, installata senza silicone