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A newfound sensitivity

Lugano 2022

Architect Renzetti + Partners. Architetto Ivan Testa.

In the historic area of the former Paradiso brewery a vision turns into a project. Nowaday here stands Parco Lago Residence, consisting of over a hundred apartments, built for representing the contemporaneity of its future residents.

A few steps from Lake Lugano, a newfound sensitivity for a green city determines the aesthetics of the architecture.

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Focus On

RARE Parco Lago BA01
RARE Parco Lago BM01

Chosen for a project with an international taste, an essential and welcoming bathroom environment where RARE System is characterized by the shower tray Ad Hoc. Shaped on a pillar, covered with 6 mm stoneware tiles with a stainless steel garte. The shower area is a niche solution, with a transparent glass and the Frame profile in the matt black finish, at sight.

RARE Laghetto BM02
RARE Laghetto BA02

RARE System here installed using a rectangular Ad Hoc shower tray. Clad with 10 mm hexagonal stoneware tiles and a contrasting stainless steel grate. A sliding cabin in a polished chrome finish delimit the shower area.