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Shower Bases

RARE offers an integrated shower system where the elements, tray, enclousured and shower head are coordinated with each other. The focus of the project is the waterproof basin. As material, steel is unique as to its innate flexibility of architectural design possibilities, as well as structure.


At the base of a clean-lined and elegant system, that conceals all the usual features of a shower, are the shower trays combined with solid wood slats in the Steel version, and able to take any coating material in the Ad Hoc version.

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Ad Hoc

Ad Hoc is the revolutionary prefabricated drainage system with integrated shower cabin, designed to create a floor level or raised shower area. ad hoc can be covered with any type of material, providing an easy, sure, rapid solution for drainage at floor level. Its innovative design is its strong point and its watertight stainless steel tray, with intrinsic slope, can be directly fitted with no need for waterproofing.

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Steel is a series of stainless steel shower plates, with a solid Iroko wood footboard. A highest quality shower tray that brings together its stainless steel design with the warmth of wood, Where the design essence is its infinite modularity.