Rare Soffioni Cover 1500X1800

Shower Heads

Terra Marique is the premier line in solid wood showerheads, designed by Mihran Rovelli Manoukian.

Discover Terra Marique

Attentive both to design and to the environment, the project aims to achieve significant water and energy savings through the use of flow limiters that provide 6 l/min.

Rare Soffioni Un Lato 1500X1800

Terra Marique

The distinguishing feature of the showerheads is the internal dispensing tank able to supply water while avoiding direct contact with the wood. The jets flows through the material itself to produce an enveloping organic effect.

Rare Soffioni Due Lati 1500X1800

Terra Marique / Strutturale

In its most refined version, Terra Marique is also a structural element for the glass walls where the absence of any other supports means only the system itself occupies the space.


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