How long does it take to install the base?

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The base is laid in about 20 minutes.


Can the RARE System be installed with any type of screed?

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The RARE System can be installed either with screed or wood substrates.


Do I have to use specific products to glue and seal the tiles?

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The tiles can be glued in the RARE shower tray with traditional cement glues. For the joins we recommend epoxy products. (see list of glues in assembly instructions).


When and how should I measure the size of the shower cabinet?

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With the RARE System it is not necessary to measure the size of the shower cabinet with installed linings, as you would have to do with traditional shower trays. The stainless steel base also acts as an installation template for the shower cabinet. All this means certain results and speed of execution.


Does the shower cabinet need to be sealed with silicone?

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The RARE System is a draining system! Inside the basin there are ducts that channel water towards the drain. The shower cabinet is thus inserted without the use of silicone. A special seal in the shower tray acts as a hairpin filter.


Are the seals easy to clean?

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The RARE System replaces the use of silicone with seals that can be easily removed, cleaned or replaced.


Can I in any case install the "FLAT" profile?

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To embed the Flat profile on the wall, you need to create a wall conduit with a depth of 45mm- that is of the lining thickness plus the glue, which is difficult where there are concealed sliding doors.