The floor-level advantages

Why choose a floor-level shower?

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The look: integrates the shower area with the rest of the bathroom eliminating the need for a shower tray. Customisability: the shower area can be lined with the material of choice, whether tiles, resin, marble or mosaic. Adaptability: it can be made to the shape and size that makes the most of available space. Barrier-free: removes all architectural barriers involved in the use of a shower tray. Cleaning: a single seamless floor makes bathroom cleaning much easier and simpler.

RARE System

What are the advantages of the RARE System?

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Certainty of installation time: RARE provides a system ready for lining and able to be installed in a few minutes. To make a traditional floor level shower involves around 8 to 10 hours of construction work Certainty of operation: the watertight stainless steel basin has the correct slope built-in. Warranty: RARE guarantees a shower tray for 5 years, with a single contact person in the event of any defect.


Why is the RARE System good value compared with traditional drainage systems?

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RARE provides a product that is ready for its lining. The certainty of installation times means certainty in calculating construction costs, which may be difficult to quantify in advance when using traditional installations.


How much space does a RARE System flush-to-floor shower require for installation?

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70mm of screed is required at the drainage point with the use of the slim drain, and 95 mm with the use of the standard version. To calculate the finished floor level, such factors as the type of drain, the slope side length and the kind of lining need to be considered. The shower tray size can be calculated using the RARE configurator.

Minimum dimension

If there is not the required spaced, can a flush to the floor installation still be made?

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If the necessary space is lacking, you can try installing using the drain in the slab. The feasibility must first be checked on by technicians supported by the RARE technical department.


Can I install the RARE System on the floor?

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The RARE System can be placed on the floor, in which case the steel base will protrude from the floor. This can be left open to view or covered with the flooring material as a kind of step.

Maximum dimension

Quali sono le dimensioni massime del sistema?

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The RARE System can be made up to 144 x 294 cm.


What shapes can be produced?

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The RARE System can be made in any shape.


Where is it advisable to place the drain?

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It is advisable to place the drain on the opposite side of the entrance so there is continuity between the outside and the inside of the tray.

Drain & Flow

What is the drain flow rate? How many drains should I install?

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RARE uses a drain designed specifically for floor-level showers. Its range is 48 l/min. Normally a shower-head with a ½ inch tube has a flow rate of 25 l/min. Where there are multiple shower-heads or trays with a grid side exceeding 160 cm, it is advisable to install several drain pipes simultaneously.


With the Steel shower tray does the bathroom require special features?

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The Steel tray has solid wood slats. A bathroom is needed that allows the wood to dry completely between showers so it advisable to have a window for ventilation. For more information on the use and maintenance of the product, see the instructions in the packaging.


Can it be coated with resin?

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The RARE System can be coated in resin, however, given the wide variety of resins available on the market, it is advisable to contact the RARE technical department for further specifications.


How do I find the size of my RARE System?

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Measurements must be taken before laying coatings.


How do I measure my RARE system?

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The survey must be carried out before installing the panels.