Can the steel base rust?

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Stainless steel does not rust. A thin layer of oxide protects the underlying metals. If any rust stains appear, they are due to ferrous impurities being, either from the water itself or deposited during on-site installation. We would recommend their immediate removal with a sponge soaked with products such as smack steel shine, rubbing in line with the direction of the satin finish. Continued contact between the steel base and such rusty particles can cause irreversible damage to the oxide layer.


Which products should be used to clean the steel parts?

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Normal cleaning can be done with a sponge soaked in water and soap or a neutral detergent, rubbing the surface in line with the direction of the satin finish. Avoid products that contain chlorine (muriatic acid or bleach) as these may stain or oxidise the steel irreparably.

Steel plate

How to use and maintain the solid wood slats on the steel plate?

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The solid wood slats on the steel plate must be cleaned regularly with soap and water. Treatment with appropriate protective oils is recommended once a year (see instructions).


What is the RARE Clean treatment

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The rareclean anti-limescale treatment allows water drops to run faster, making the glass hydro repellent and facilitating cleaning operations. the glass will remain transparent and shiny, without the need to use any descaling products.


Duration of the RARE Clean treatment?

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The duration of the treatment depends on the use of the shower cabinet and the carrying out of proper maintenance as recommended above. If necessary the treatment can be repeated on the shower cabinet with a specific rare-repair product.